$122 JHome-Barstools Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stool with Ergo Home Kitchen Furniture Bar,svensktralackering.se,Industrial,$122,/910204/how-to-deal-with-trauma,Kitchen,Breakfast,with,Stool,Ergo,Home Kitchen , Furniture,JHome-Barstools JHome-Barstools Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Stool Ergo with Bar Max 85% OFF JHome-Barstools Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Stool Ergo with Bar Max 85% OFF Bar,svensktralackering.se,Industrial,$122,/910204/how-to-deal-with-trauma,Kitchen,Breakfast,with,Stool,Ergo,Home Kitchen , Furniture,JHome-Barstools $122 JHome-Barstools Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stool with Ergo Home Kitchen Furniture

JHome-Barstools Detroit Mall Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Stool Ergo with Bar Max 85% OFF

JHome-Barstools Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stool with Ergo


JHome-Barstools Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stool with Ergo

Product description


★Material: Iron(comfortable,waterproof,durable,eco-friendly),

★Model : WY-55555T

★Product Load Capacity: 200 KG(440lbs)

★Cleaning method: Wet cloth scrub, dry naturally

★Match Height:
Seat height 65cm(25'') Suitable for 90~100cm(35~39'') Bar counter;
Seat height 70cm(27'') Suitable for 95~105cm(37~41'') Bar counter;
Seat height 75cm(29'') Suitable for 100~110cm(39~43'') Bar counter;

★ Tips:

1. I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience

2. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues with your order. We'll replace or refund your purchase without hassle!

3. If you need other different styles, please come to our store to choose.

JHome-Barstools Industrial Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stool with Ergo

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