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Milwaukee Mall NFRMJMR Max 85% OFF Pizza Heating Lamp Telescopic Hanging W Chandelier Food

NFRMJMR Pizza Heating Lamp, Telescopic Chandelier Hanging Food W


NFRMJMR Pizza Heating Lamp, Telescopic Chandelier Hanging Food W

Product description


Name: Single head heat lamp
Shade material: stainless steel
Power: plug in the power
Power: 250W
Voltage: 220V
Telescopic range: 60-180cm
Use environment: fast food restaurant, cafeteria, hotel
The uniform temperature of the heat lamp maximizes the taste of the food. The heating time is uniformly heated and does not form a cold zone.
Infrared heating does not dry the food, nor does it allow the food to continue to cook and overheat, thus ensuring freshness of the food.
About color: Due to the display type and illumination angle, there may be a slight chromatic aberration between the object and the picture. beg to be excused.
About size: Due to different measurement methods, the displayed data may be slightly wrong, please understand
Products include:
Heat preservation lamp* 1

NFRMJMR Pizza Heating Lamp, Telescopic Chandelier Hanging Food W

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