Stick,Snooker,Cue,,Cues,10mm,Black,Small,$148,WXFGR,Po,Cue,Tips,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/Bactrian5924400.html,8-Ball Stick,Snooker,Cue,,Cues,10mm,Black,Small,$148,WXFGR,Po,Cue,Tips,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/Bactrian5924400.html,8-Ball $148 WXFGR Cue Stick Snooker Cues 10mm Cue Tips Small Black 8-Ball Po Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $148 WXFGR Cue Stick Snooker Cues 10mm Cue Tips Small Black 8-Ball Po Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness WXFGR Cue Stick Snooker Cues 10mm Black Large-scale sale Po 8-Ball Small Tips WXFGR Cue Stick Snooker Cues 10mm Black Large-scale sale Po 8-Ball Small Tips

WXFGR Cue Stick All items free shipping Snooker Cues 10mm Black Large-scale sale Po 8-Ball Small Tips

WXFGR Cue Stick Snooker Cues 10mm Cue Tips Small Black 8-Ball Po


WXFGR Cue Stick Snooker Cues 10mm Cue Tips Small Black 8-Ball Po

Product description

Size:[Middle head bar] 11.5MM

Product description
Name: billiard cue
Length: about 145CM
Weight: about 19 ounces
Club flexibility: good
Material: Ash wood
Game: Billiards
Billiard cue structure: single
Cue Classification: Snooker Cue
Packing list: 1 billiard cue

WXFGR Cue Stick Snooker Cues 10mm Cue Tips Small Black 8-Ball Po

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