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Funny You Make Direct store Me Now free shipping Happy Camper Mat U-Shaped Conto Non-Slip Bath

Funny You Make Me Happy Camper Non-Slip Bath Mat, U-Shaped Conto


Funny You Make Me Happy Camper Non-Slip Bath Mat, U-Shaped Conto

Product description


Personalized printing full-color patterns, good 3D visual effects, and stylish design. It can decorate your home well.

100% polyester fiber, flannel fabric, bottom non-woven fabric dot plastic.

- Rectangular mat 35.4 L x 24 W Inch ( 90 x 61 cm)
- U-shaped mat 19.7 L x 15.7 W Inch ( 50 x 40 cm)
- Toilet lid cover mat 13.8 L x 17.7 W Inch ( 35 x 45 cm)

Easy to clean:
- Machine wash
- Wash cold with mild detergent
- Do not bleach

Funny You Make Me Happy Camper Non-Slip Bath Mat, U-Shaped Conto

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