$25 HOMEIDEAS Cooling Blanket Twin Size, Summer Blanket for Hot Slee Home Kitchen Bedding $25 HOMEIDEAS Cooling Blanket Twin Size, Summer Blanket for Hot Slee Home Kitchen Bedding $25,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Size,,Summer,for,svensktralackering.se,HOMEIDEAS,Hot,Blanket,Twin,Slee,Blanket,/Bactrian5929600.html,Cooling HOMEIDEAS Fresno Mall Cooling Blanket Twin Size Slee for Summer Hot HOMEIDEAS Fresno Mall Cooling Blanket Twin Size Slee for Summer Hot $25,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Size,,Summer,for,svensktralackering.se,HOMEIDEAS,Hot,Blanket,Twin,Slee,Blanket,/Bactrian5929600.html,Cooling

HOMEIDEAS Fresno Mall Cooling Blanket Twin Size Slee for Ranking TOP1 Summer Hot

HOMEIDEAS Cooling Blanket Twin Size, Summer Blanket for Hot Slee


HOMEIDEAS Cooling Blanket Twin Size, Summer Blanket for Hot Slee

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Our story

How we got our start?
Started in 2016, HOMEIDEAS is committed to designing and manufacturing products to offer blissful living to every person. Now involving bathroom rugs, bathtub mats, cat litter mat, bed sheets, curtains, blankets and accessories for daily life.
What makes our product unique?
Using customers first as our source of inspiration, HOMEIDEAS continuously created innovative household products with passion. Utilizing advanced soft materials, experienced workmen, we offer chic and comfy items of high quality to decorate your home.
Why we love what we do?
Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation. Providing super value life experiences for you is our responsibility. HOMEIDESA will carry on our journey to develop more predominant and cost-effective products to offer a cozy living for you.

Product Description

summer blanket

HOMEIDEAS are committed to creating sweet home with you and your family. Adopting the brand new latest Japanese Arc-Chill technology, our summer blanket achieves 0.4 Q-MAX (The higher Q-MAX goes, the cooler it gets) and 2℃ cooler than classic blankets. Essential for summer for no more sweaty summer nights and saving power. Skin-friendly to bring extra sense of softness and comfort for kids, adults, elders and pets in all seasons also any occasions. Machine washable and easy care, perfect for home decor and as gifts.

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HOMEIDEAS Cooling Blanket Twin Size, Summer Blanket for Hot Slee

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