Roof,Wide,,Truck,Inch,21,$52,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Chevy,Weathervane,Mount,/Belaites5982397.html,Vane,EZ EZ Vane Chevy Max 78% OFF Truck Weathervane 21 Mount Inch Wide Roof $52 EZ Vane Chevy Truck Weathervane 21 Inch Wide Roof Mount Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor EZ Vane Chevy Max 78% OFF Truck Weathervane 21 Mount Inch Wide Roof $52 EZ Vane Chevy Truck Weathervane 21 Inch Wide Roof Mount Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor Roof,Wide,,Truck,Inch,21,$52,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Chevy,Weathervane,Mount,/Belaites5982397.html,Vane,EZ

Branded goods EZ Vane Chevy Max 78% OFF Truck Weathervane 21 Mount Inch Wide Roof

EZ Vane Chevy Truck Weathervane 21 Inch Wide Roof Mount


EZ Vane Chevy Truck Weathervane 21 Inch Wide Roof Mount

Product description

Size:Roof Mount

Each intricate laser cut top is made from 14-gauge steel (which is thicker and stronger than 16-gauge). Additionally, each vane has a 3-step coating process for maximum durability against the elements. First, a zinc chrome plating is applied to the base metal for better adhesion, durability, and to help prevent rust. Second, each weathervane is baked in a beautiful powder-coated aged copper finish. Third, a clear powder coat is applied to protect against UV rays and provide a durable, scratch-resistant finish. Complete set includes a laser cut top, wind cups that have sealed ball bearings to rotate smoothly in any breeze, a North-South-East-West directional indicating the direction the wind is coming from, and your choice of mounting. Each weathervane has a 21” arrow length and 6" to 11" in height, depending on the design. Choose between roof mount, Cupola mount, deck mount, post mount, and garden stake. The roof mount includes a two-sided mounting plate and a 15" pole, which is designed to fit a standard 4-12 pitch roof, but is adjustable to fit most roofs. The Cupola bracket includes a four-sided mounting plate and 15'' rod (not shown) and is designed to fit gazebos, dome, or any 4 or 8-sided roof or structure. Adjustable to fit most roof bars. Deck Bracket includes 3" x 3'' mounting plate and 15'' bar (not pictured) and is designed to mount on top of any flat or horizontal surface. Mounting post includes 3" x 3'' mounting plate and 15'' bar (not pictured) and is designed to mount to the side of a fence post or any vertical surface. The garden stake includes a 60'' tall stabilizing stake (2 pieces) for easy mounting.

EZ Vane Chevy Truck Weathervane 21 Inch Wide Roof Mount

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