$53 Tribes India Women's Rajasthani Tribal Handmade '' Elephant '' F Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Tribes India Women's sold out Rajasthani Tribal Elephant '' F Handmade Women's,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$53,/Belaites5990097.html,Elephant,Tribes,svensktralackering.se,'',Handmade,India,F,'',Tribal,Rajasthani $53 Tribes India Women's Rajasthani Tribal Handmade '' Elephant '' F Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Women's,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$53,/Belaites5990097.html,Elephant,Tribes,svensktralackering.se,'',Handmade,India,F,'',Tribal,Rajasthani Tribes India Women's sold out Rajasthani Tribal Elephant '' F Handmade

Tribes India Women's sold out Ranking TOP16 Rajasthani Tribal Elephant '' F Handmade

Tribes India Women's Rajasthani Tribal Handmade '' Elephant '' F


Tribes India Women's Rajasthani Tribal Handmade '' Elephant '' F

Product Description

The royal Indian tradition that perfectly resonates with the vibrant spirit of the global souls is subtly made indelible in each unique range of Tribes India products that are handcrafted by Indian tribal artisans. India, a land of myriad art forms, different cultures and diversified population since time immemorial is a place of origin of many unique creations under the categories viz. bags, jewellery, artefacts, paintings, textiles prints and designs to mention a few. Among the diversified population, a significant portion comprises tribal people who are the original inhabitants of the land. The Indian tribal culture, traditions and practices pervade almost all aspects of Indian culture and civilization that naturally brings a platter full of variety of tribal/natural products!

TRIFED, a national level apex organisation and governing body of Tribes India in conviction with serving the tribal cause on one hand and meeting the demands of the present day quality-driven buyers on the other hand, is keenly engaged in promoting the tribal cause in multi-fold manner and offering one-of-a-kind products for valuable buyers.

The tribal quiddities are nation’s valuable heritage for reasons that are many. A unique product originating from innocent passion is a treasure for a nation and for a discerning buyer it is a novel collection. Tribes India, a brand that caters to this idea presents myriad masterpieces reflecting pleasing art, rich culture and valuable tradition of India. Whether it is ethnic jewelry with modish appeal, elegant sarees with graceful elements of modernity or artefacts handmade by creative tribal artisans, each product caters to the tastes of the modern discerning buyers quite well.


Ethnic Home Decor

Inspiration for casting unique pieces of art comes from the abundant environment, be it the village Ghotul, myriad of trees, birds and animals, mythology of rituals. Tribes offers a breath taking range of metal craft created by the deft hands of the tribal artisans of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha amp; West Bengal. Pottery is made by forming a ceramic clay or powdered stone body into objects of a required shape and heating them to high temperatures in a kiln which removes all the water from clay, which induces reactions that lead to permanent changes including increasing their strength and hardening and setting their shape.

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Tribes India Women's Rajasthani Tribal Handmade '' Elephant '' F

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