Test,Bar,/Brahmanistic5383547.html,Size,2MT,,Lathe,3MT,MT4,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$97,1MT,,svensktralackering.se,Alignment,Shank Lathe Alignment Test Bar Luxury Shank 1MT 3MT MT4 Size 2MT Lathe Alignment Test Bar Luxury Shank 1MT 3MT MT4 Size 2MT Test,Bar,/Brahmanistic5383547.html,Size,2MT,,Lathe,3MT,MT4,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$97,1MT,,svensktralackering.se,Alignment,Shank $97 Lathe Alignment Test Bar Shank Size 1MT, 2MT, 3MT,MT4 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $97 Lathe Alignment Test Bar Shank Size 1MT, 2MT, 3MT,MT4 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Lathe Alignment Test Bar Luxury Shank 1MT 3MT MT4 Size 2MT Ranking TOP17

Lathe Alignment Test Bar Shank Size 1MT, 2MT, 3MT,MT4


Lathe Alignment Test Bar Shank Size 1MT, 2MT, 3MT,MT4

Product description

Lathe Mandrel Alignment Test Bar High quality alloy steel lathe mandrel test bars. Manufactured from high precision alloy steel. Heat treated to a hardness of 58 +/-2 HRC.. Precision ground amp; inspected for a contrcitiy within 0.0001" amp; parallelism. This is ideal for aligning headstock amp; tailstock in Lathe Machines. UNIT IS HARDENED AND GROUND PARALLEL TO 0.0002" AND CENTERED AT BOTH ENDS SIMPLY PLACE BETWEEN CENTERS SET UP DTI TO RUN ALONG LENGH SET OF 4 PCs MT1, MT2, MT3 amp; MT4 TEST BARs

Lathe Alignment Test Bar Shank Size 1MT, 2MT, 3MT,MT4

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