$79 BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Industrial Coffee Table 2 Tier Metal Fr Home Kitchen Furniture Metal,Industrial,Assembly,BESPORTBLE,/Brahmanistic5383647.html,Table,Easy,Fr,$79,Coffee,Tier,Home Kitchen , Furniture,2,svensktralackering.se Metal,Industrial,Assembly,BESPORTBLE,/Brahmanistic5383647.html,Table,Easy,Fr,$79,Coffee,Tier,Home Kitchen , Furniture,2,svensktralackering.se New popularity BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Industrial Coffee Tier Fr Metal 2 Table New popularity BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Industrial Coffee Tier Fr Metal 2 Table $79 BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Industrial Coffee Table 2 Tier Metal Fr Home Kitchen Furniture

New popularity BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Max 42% OFF Industrial Coffee Tier Fr Metal 2 Table

BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Industrial Coffee Table 2 Tier Metal Fr


BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Industrial Coffee Table 2 Tier Metal Fr

Product description


This is a coffee table, which is made of high- quality materials, durable and can be used for a long time. Contemporary matte- black iron frame and mesh meets with engineered rustic wood finish, can be combined as a wonderful decor with your room. Share with your friends and family as a wonderful housewarming gift.


- Color: Brown.
- Material: Cold rolled steel, wood.
- Size: About 106. 00X60. 00X45. 00cm/ 41. 66X23. 58X17. 68in.
- easy to operate, no great effort is required to set up the table.
- Premium metal frame provides reliable and support, making your coffee table storage last.
- Contemporary matte- black iron frame and mesh meets with engineered rustic wood finish, can be combined as a wonderful decor with your room.
- Embossed pattern board and thickened metal frame ensure durability and stability. The Embossed Pattern board has better skid resistance and texture touch.
- Well match all style furniture for living room, lounge, play room, sofas, offices, bedrooms.

- Color: Brown.
- Size: 106X60X45CM.

Package Including
1 x Coffee Table

BESPORTBLE Easy Assembly Industrial Coffee Table 2 Tier Metal Fr

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