$210,ZLQBHJ,Bars,/Brahmanistic5623947.html,Pull-Up,svensktralackering.se,Strength,Dip,Training,Strength,Training,Stan,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness ZLQBHJ Strength Training Max 46% OFF Pull-Up Stan Dip Bars $210,ZLQBHJ,Bars,/Brahmanistic5623947.html,Pull-Up,svensktralackering.se,Strength,Dip,Training,Strength,Training,Stan,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness $210 ZLQBHJ Strength Training Pull-Up Bars Strength Training Dip Stan Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness ZLQBHJ Strength Training Max 46% OFF Pull-Up Stan Dip Bars $210 ZLQBHJ Strength Training Pull-Up Bars Strength Training Dip Stan Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

ZLQBHJ Strength Training Max 46% OFF Pull-Up Stan Dip Large-scale sale Bars

ZLQBHJ Strength Training Pull-Up Bars Strength Training Dip Stan


ZLQBHJ Strength Training Pull-Up Bars Strength Training Dip Stan

Product description

The pull rod allows you to comfortably exercise your entire upper body at home or in the garage gym, so you can enjoy the joy of exercise and fitness without leaving home!


Name: Wall hanging rod

Applicable scene: fitness equipment

Material: high-quality steel, surface anti-rust electrostatic spraying process

Safety factor: A +

Audience: Fitness men and women

Installation: wall-mounted drilling equipment

Function: pull-ups, elastic band training, etc., exercise hands, shoulders, back, waist, etc.

Recommended mounting height: the height that can be reached with both hands

ZLQBHJ Strength Training Pull-Up Bars Strength Training Dip Stan

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