$36 GYXZM Hairdressing Scissors Kit,Hair Cutting Scissors Profession Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $36 GYXZM Hairdressing Scissors Kit,Hair Cutting Scissors Profession Beauty Personal Care Hair Care GYXZM Don't miss the campaign Hairdressing Scissors Kit Hair Profession Cutting svensktralackering.se,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Scissors,Scissors,GYXZM,Cutting,Kit,Hair,$36,Profession,/Brahmanistic5924347.html,Hairdressing GYXZM Don't miss the campaign Hairdressing Scissors Kit Hair Profession Cutting svensktralackering.se,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Scissors,Scissors,GYXZM,Cutting,Kit,Hair,$36,Profession,/Brahmanistic5924347.html,Hairdressing

GYXZM Don't New products, world's highest quality popular! miss the campaign Hairdressing Scissors Kit Hair Profession Cutting

GYXZM Hairdressing Scissors Kit,Hair Cutting Scissors Profession


GYXZM Hairdressing Scissors Kit,Hair Cutting Scissors Profession

Product description

Product description:
Made of stainless steel, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant.
Ergonomic Desig you can use it more easily and comfortably.
Scissors have an super lightweight that they feel great and premium in the hand.
Durable, sharp and safer .
Has a high-end and stylish appearance.
Affordable hair cutting scissors professional for professional barbers

You can give yourself a professional cut at home with this trimmers and cutters.suitable for beginners and hairdressers, men, women, salons, pets.

Including content and specifications:
Package Contains
Dental scissors×1
Flat shears×1

Material: stainless steel
Color: brown
Weight: 0.068 kg

Warm Tips:
Please do not use the salon scissors to cut other things, so as do not to damage the blade.
The hair cutting set is sharp, carefully storage after each time using and keep it away from kids and pets!

GYXZM Hairdressing Scissors Kit,Hair Cutting Scissors Profession

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