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Special sale item ZHANGL Retro Industrial Style Twine 70% OFF Outlet Chandelier Living Lamp Room

ZHANGL Retro Industrial Style Twine Chandelier Living Room Lamp


ZHANGL Retro Industrial Style Twine Chandelier Living Room Lamp

Product description

Product description:

Type: vintage chandelier, hemp rope chandelier.
Voltage: 110-220V.
(Size) diameter 60CM height 58CM chain length 40 cm
Can do ceiling diameter 60CM height 60CM
[Material] Iron Hemp Rope
[Color as shown
[Process] Hardware production, high temperature baking varnish
[Applicable] Cafe, living room, shop window
[Light source] E27 *6/7 lamp holder

Type: vintage industrial chandeliers, hemp rope chandeliers,
Not only lighting, but also decorating houses.
E27 lamp holder, you can choose any bulb with E27 interface according to your needs.
The chandelier is made of twine and looks very special and retro.
Perfect to create a warm and romantic atmosphere for your restaurants, bars and cafes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our professional team will reply within 24 hours to help you find a solution.

ZHANGL Retro Industrial Style Twine Chandelier Living Room Lamp

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