60" Taupe Gray Contemporary TV with Stand Storage Max 84% OFF Drawers $322 60" Taupe Gray Contemporary TV Stand with Storage Drawers Home Kitchen Furniture $322 60" Taupe Gray Contemporary TV Stand with Storage Drawers Home Kitchen Furniture /Brahmanistic5982147.html,Contemporary,Stand,$322,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,Gray,Drawers,TV,svensktralackering.se,Taupe,Storage,60" 60" Taupe Gray Contemporary TV with Stand Storage Max 84% OFF Drawers /Brahmanistic5982147.html,Contemporary,Stand,$322,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,Gray,Drawers,TV,svensktralackering.se,Taupe,Storage,60"


60" Taupe Gray Contemporary TV Stand with Storage Drawers


60" Taupe Gray Contemporary TV Stand with Storage Drawers

Product description

Fusing fashion with function, this TV stand is the ultimate focal point for your living, bedroom or family room look. The spacious surface top is capable of holding all TV sizes, while also providing the perfect perch for accent pieces. Made from high quality materials, this storage console will make a practical addition to your home. Features: Features an open concept shelves perfect for housing terminals and gaming consoles. Stylish contemporary design finished on all sides. Contains two large storage drawers keeps your electronic accessories organized. Includes one wire management hole in the center back. Comes with sturdy thick panel construction in a warm dark taupe finish. Stylish contemporary design finished on all sides. Each shelf provides maximum weight capacity up to 11 lbs. Assembly is required. Recommended for indoor use only Overall dimensions: 23.75"H x 60"D x 15.5"W. Shelf 1: 7.25"H x 17"D x 14.75"W. Shelf 2: 7.25"H x 24.25"D x 14.5"W. Shelf 3: 11.5"H x 16"D x 14.5"W. Drawer 1: 4"H x 23"D x 13.25"W. Drawer 2: 4"H x 23"D x 13.25"W Material(s): particle board/hollow-core/laminate/MDF

60" Taupe Gray Contemporary TV Stand with Storage Drawers

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