Green,Leatherback,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Mens,/Brahmanistic5990347.html,Sea,Luminox,Watch,Giant,,$168,Black,Turtle,44mm Rare Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Giant Green 44mm Black Turtle Green,Leatherback,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Mens,/Brahmanistic5990347.html,Sea,Luminox,Watch,Giant,,$168,Black,Turtle,44mm $168 Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant 44mm Black Green Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $168 Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant 44mm Black Green Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Rare Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Giant Green 44mm Black Turtle

Rare Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Giant Green 44mm Black Turtle Department store

Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant 44mm Black Green


Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant 44mm Black Green

Product description

Luminox Wrist Watch LeatherBack Sea Turtle Giant 0333 - 44mm Mens Watch

The water-resistant Luminox SEA Turtle Giant 0333 watch in Black and Green accents is part of the Leatherback series. Designed with a black carbon compound, this Leatherback watch contains a tempered scratch resistant mineral crystal that is durable and long-lasting. Graceful and strong like a majestic giant sea turtle.

Product Details:

  • 44 mm
  • CARBONOX™/ White fiberglass compound, with crown protection (316L stainless steel, Double-Security Gasket) and Green Dial
  • CARBONOX™ case back
  • CARBONOX™, unidirectional rotating bezel with Super-Luminova at 12H
  • Movement Ronda 515, HH6
  • Battery/Battery life 395 / 50 months
  • Tempered scratch resistant mineral especially hardened
  • Water resistant to 100 meters, 10 ATM, 330 feet, individually tested
  • Black webbing strap with brushed stainless steel signature buckle, loop-lock, 22mm
  • Height 12.15mm
  • Weight 45g
  • Luminox self-powered illumination
  • Swiss Made

Luminox Mens Watch Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant 44mm Black Green

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