Wall,WHZ,Wooden,Wood,Health Household , Household Supplies,Rack,$25,Decoration,/Chickamauga5383890.html,Frame,Triangle,Frame,svensktralackering.se,Simple $25 WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Frame Rack Wall Decoration Frame Health Household Household Supplies WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Frame Wall safety Decoration Rack $25 WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Frame Rack Wall Decoration Frame Health Household Household Supplies WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Frame Wall safety Decoration Rack Wall,WHZ,Wooden,Wood,Health Household , Household Supplies,Rack,$25,Decoration,/Chickamauga5383890.html,Frame,Triangle,Frame,svensktralackering.se,Simple

WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Save money Frame Wall safety Decoration Rack

WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Frame Rack Wall Decoration Frame


WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Frame Rack Wall Decoration Frame

Product description

Color:Bar Triangle

1. Material: Pine
2. Process: Manual
3. Uses: Decoration, gift gifts
4. Applicable scene: Living room, bedroom, cafe
5. Size:
- Crude wood triangle: 25x21.5x8.5 cm
- Strip triangle: 25x21.5x8.5 cm
6. Thickness: 1 cm

WHZ Wooden Simple Wood Triangle Frame Rack Wall Decoration Frame

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