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Beaupretty Moxibustion Treatment Box Online limited product Traditinal Moxa Wooden outlet

Beaupretty Moxibustion Treatment Box Wooden Moxa Box Traditinal


Beaupretty Moxibustion Treatment Box Wooden Moxa Box Traditinal

Product description

Are you looking for a professional and practical foot moxibustion box? If yes, look no further! Our professional foot moxibustion box must meet your need. Rational size and exquisite, easy to carry. It will give you a good foot therapy experience.

- Color: Blue.
- Material: Pine.
- Size: 32. 00X25. 00X18. 00cm/ 12. 58X9. 82X7. 07inch.
- It will give you a good foot therapy experience.
- Made of pine wood, designed to filter smoke, realize moxibustion with micro- smoke.
- Free temperature control, wormwood moxibustion, recycle use.
- Design of multiple acupoint holes on the soles of the feet, direct moxibustion effect.
- Non- slip feet with wood panels. No formaldehyde, no glue.

Package Including
1 x foot moxibustion box

Beaupretty Moxibustion Treatment Box Wooden Moxa Box Traditinal

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