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HOLITU Electric Patio Heater Fashion Outdoor Heate service Infrared Freestanding

HOLITU Electric Patio Heater,Outdoor Freestanding Infrared Heate


HOLITU Electric Patio Heater,Outdoor Freestanding Infrared Heate

Product description


Free Standing Outdoor Electric Garden Patio Heater.

Do you feel reluctant to have dinner outside the room for fear of the winter chillness?
Outdoor Life Just Feels Right With Infrared Patio Heaters.
Instant warmth up indoor and outdoor evenly in a short time with this electric patio heater.

1. Made of rugged steel structure which is rustproof and IP55 waterproof.
2. The anti-skid base and tip-over auto shut down technology provides additional safety.
3. No installation is required,Our Electric Heater Is Portable And Unique In Style.
4. Using high quality golden tube which heating faster.
5. Built to be fashionable and portable in a Matte Black finish.

★Product parameters:
Product voltage: 110V-120V
Product Max power: 1000W or 1500W
Lamp style: Golden Tubes
Waterproof rating: IP55
Safety guarantee: tilt protection
Product Dimension:
1000W: 58cm × 15cm × 15cm/22.8'' × 5.9'' × 5.9''
1500W: 70cm × 20cm × 20cm/27.5'' × 7.9'' × 7.9''.

★Package Contents:
1 * Electric Patio Heater.

-Although the patio heater is waterproof, do not use when raining or in wet conditions.
-Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
-Do not position immediately above or below an electrical socket.
-No harmful emissions or toxic residuals.

If you have any questions, Pls contact us witout any hesitate.
We strive to answer all questions and resolve any problems as quickly as possible!

HOLITU Electric Patio Heater,Outdoor Freestanding Infrared Heate

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