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QAZWC-A1 Multifunctional Pedal Machine Home Max Popular brand in the world 62% OFF Machin Fitness

QAZWC-A1 Multifunctional Pedal Machine Home,Pedal Fitness Machin


QAZWC-A1 Multifunctional Pedal Machine Home,Pedal Fitness Machin

Product description

Our stair stepper - A great partner for indoor-exercises! Simple function combine with high-quality steel material, suitable for all family member's exercise. Save space and step anywhere with the Fitness Stair Stepper, which delivers smooth steps to target your calves and thighs while also sculpting your core muscles for increased calorie and fat burning results.
The stepper enables the bodybuilder to continuously repeat the movement of climbing stairs and mountaineering, which can not only enhance the function of the cardiovascular system, but also fully exercise the thigh and calf muscles to burn body fat. However, people who lack exercise and who have just come into contact with steppers tend to feel exhausted after strenuous exercise.

Details: Leading technical support, durable, simple and stylish appearance, more distinctive, environmentally friendly and low-excitation body material, through the ROHS environmental protection test certificate; more authoritative so that you can use it without any worries.

1. The wide and thick tread is stable and safe, and the wrapped ultra-wide and thick pedal has a larger contact surface and is as stable as Mount Tai.

2. The quality of 80,000 pedaling experiments is trustworthy. The product structure is sophisticated, colorful and elegant, durable and durable

3. Scanning: Scanning data every five seconds. Time measurement: Real exercise time count: Real online exercise count
Calories: the average number of steps per minute consumed by the actual exercise: the average number of steps per minute during the actual exercise

4. Hydraulic rod: The hydraulic rod used is imported hydraulic rod, which enhances the buffer force and makes the movement more stable!

QAZWC-A1 Multifunctional Pedal Machine Home,Pedal Fitness Machin

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