$53 Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Axle + Drive Shaft for Axial SCX24 AXI0000 Toys Games Vehicles Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Axle + Drive AXI0000 for Sacramento Mall Axial SCX24 Shaft $53 Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Axle + Drive Shaft for Axial SCX24 AXI0000 Toys Games Vehicles AXI0000,SCX24,svensktralackering.se,for,Front,Colcolo,Drive,Axial,$53,RC,Axle,Shaft,+,Toys Games , Vehicles,1:24,/Chickamauga5652690.html AXI0000,SCX24,svensktralackering.se,for,Front,Colcolo,Drive,Axial,$53,RC,Axle,Shaft,+,Toys Games , Vehicles,1:24,/Chickamauga5652690.html Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Axle + Drive AXI0000 for Sacramento Mall Axial SCX24 Shaft

Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Beauty products Axle + Drive AXI0000 for Sacramento Mall Axial SCX24 Shaft

Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Axle + Drive Shaft for Axial SCX24 AXI0000


Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Axle + Drive Shaft for Axial SCX24 AXI0000

Product description


- 1/24 RC Car Front Rear Axle and Drive Shaft for Axial SCX24 AXI00001 AXI00002 AXI90081 Buggy DIY Accessories.
- High upgrade parts for your model car.
- Replacement parts for RC model accessory.
- Durable use for remote control RC vehicle models.
- Easy install amp; CNC Precision Manufacturing.


- Front Axle: 9.8x3x2.8cm / 3.85x1.18x1.1inch
- Rear Axle: 9.8x2.5x2.3cm / 3.85x0.98x0.9inch
- Long Shaft: 5.7-8cm / 2.24-3.14inch
- Short Shaft: 4-5.3cm / 1.57-2inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece RC Car Front Axle
1 Piece RC Car Rear Axle
1 Piece RC Car Drive Shaft

Colcolo 1:24 RC Front Axle + Drive Shaft for Axial SCX24 AXI0000

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