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LGLFDJ Stainless Steel Polished OFFicial shop Finish Ranking TOP14 Home Bathr Grip Non-Slip

LGLFDJ Stainless Steel Polished Finish Non-Slip Grip, Home Bathr


LGLFDJ Stainless Steel Polished Finish Non-Slip Grip, Home Bathr

Product description


Please give the person in need a physical support point --- Safety Grab Bars

Our grab bar also features a secure mount design that allows for easy, secure installation at any angle. this bath grip provides lasting performance and blends seamlessly with interior décor.
【Material】: High quality 304 stainless steel(Stainless steel construction,durable,against water)
【Installation】: Wall Mounted
【Installation method】:Fix nail(Provide screw)
1.Place the base in the position you want to install, mark the mounting holes
2. In the mark at the hole hole, with expansion screw and screws fixed
★[Our pursuit of product quality]
●Intention to create exquisite craftsmanship
High-quality material is not only the length of use but also a wish for people's welfare. The safety of customer service is our best answer.
● Elegant and beautiful
Beautiful and elegant, whether it is a bathroom or a room, it gives you a comfortable space and a different experience.
★ Tips:
1. Please allow a small amount of error
2. Due to the influence of lighting, display, and other factors, there may be a color difference between the picture and the real object. Please understand.
3. If you have not received the goods within 30 days, or have any questions about the product, please contact customer service, we will give you the first reply and solve your problem seriously.
4. If you have other needs, please come to our store to make a choice.

LGLFDJ Stainless Steel Polished Finish Non-Slip Grip, Home Bathr

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