Barber Cape For Adults Waterproof Professional Cutting Regular dealer Hair $24 Barber Cape For Adults Hair Cutting Cape Waterproof Professional Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Barber Cape For Adults Waterproof Professional Cutting Regular dealer Hair $24 Barber Cape For Adults Hair Cutting Cape Waterproof Professional Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Cape,Barber,Waterproof,Adults,,$24,Professional,Cape,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair,For,/Durani5255868.html,Cutting Cape,Barber,Waterproof,Adults,,$24,Professional,Cape,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair,For,/Durani5255868.html,Cutting

Barber Cape For Adults Waterproof Professional Cutting Regular dealer Hair Credence

Barber Cape For Adults Hair Cutting Cape Waterproof Professional


Barber Cape For Adults Hair Cutting Cape Waterproof Professional

Product description

【Printing instructions】Single-sided printing, neckline strip printing, edging fixed black
[Material description] 190T polyester fabric+PU (waterproof), hook sucker*2
【Size Description】140*165cm/55" x 65"
【Product Description】
*This hairdressing suit is made of soft, waterproof and durable materials. Lightweight and breathable, it can effectively keep clothes dry and clean.
*Adjustable elastic neckline to adapt to different neck sizes, both adults and children can use.
*The attached hook suction cup can be attached to the mirror as a shaving bib.
*Portable and multifunctional haircut bib is suitable for hairdressing, hair dyeing, perming and cutting, and all salon projects. It is also the best tool for men's beard management. It can collect hair easily without clogging the drain.
[Applicable scene] Suitable for salon or family use, and also suitable for traveling out.
【Washing instructions】wash or machine wash
[Accessories description] Two transparent hook suction cups are delivered.
Shave (instructions for use):
1. Fix the adjustable neckline on the neck.
2. Attach the suction cup to the mirror.
3. Start combing so that all the hair falls on the apron.
4. After finishing, loosen the sucker and pour the hair in the bib into the trash can.

Barber Cape For Adults Hair Cutting Cape Waterproof Professional

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