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Max 64% OFF Skjfdmiy 3D Anime Genshin Impact: Max 74% OFF Bed Printed Cover Keqing Duvet

Skjfdmiy 3D Anime Genshin Impact: Keqing Printed Duvet Cover Bed


Skjfdmiy 3D Anime Genshin Impact: Keqing Printed Duvet Cover Bed

Product description

Size:EU Super King 260x220

Fabric: Polyester
The three-piece set includes: 1 * quilt cover, 2 * pillowcase
1) Duvet cover is used to cover our quilt or quilt
2) Due to different monitors and lighting effects
The actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture.
3) Due to manual measurement, please allow measurement deviation of 1-3cm. Thank you.
4) Before choosing
Please check the size
Maybe your country standard is different. It is recommended that you purchase it against the size chart.
AU Single:Duvet Cover140x210cm , 2Pillowcases 50*75cm
AU Double:Duvet Cover180x210cm, 2 Pillowcases 50*75cm
AU Queen:Duvet Cover210x210cm , 2 Pillowcases 50*75cm
AU King:Duvet Cover240x210cm , 2 Pillowcases 50*75cm
US Twin: Duvet Cover 172x218cm ,2Pillowcase 50x75cm.
US Full: Duvet Cover 200x229cm, 2 Pillowcase 50x75cm.
US Queen: Duvet Cover 228x228cm, 2 Pillowcase 50x75cm.
US King: Duvet Cover 259x229cm, 2 Pillowcase 50*75cm.
EU Twin Single Size:Duvet Cover135x200 cm, 2Pillowcase 50x75cm
EU Double Size:Duvet Cover200x200 cm, 2 Pillowcase 50x75cm
EU King Size:Duvet Cover240x220 cm,2 Pillowcase 50x75cm
EU Super King Size:Duvet Cover260x220 cm, 2 Pillowcase 50x75cm

Washing advice: When you want to wash, please turn the entire quilt cover and put the pillowcase in the quilt cover
Please wash gently. *Washing instructions - Wash the machine in a similar color with cold water. Do not bleach.
Due to long distance transportation
Bedding is not as flat as the picture
Please wash
The picture will be flat and beautiful
We tightened the package
Due to long distance
When you open it, please be careful not to cut it off, thank you.
Does not include any quilt / duvet / quilt!

Skjfdmiy 3D Anime Genshin Impact: Keqing Printed Duvet Cover Bed

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