Closure,California,/Durani5511968.html,Pieces,Set,4,S,Home Kitchen , Bedding,King,Duvet,,Washed,Zipper,Cover,$92 $92 Washed Duvet Cover California King Set,4 Pieces Zipper Closure S Home Kitchen Bedding Washed Duvet Cover California King Set S 4 Weekly update Closure Pieces Zipper $92 Washed Duvet Cover California King Set,4 Pieces Zipper Closure S Home Kitchen Bedding Washed Duvet Cover California King Set S 4 Weekly update Closure Pieces Zipper Closure,California,/Durani5511968.html,Pieces,Set,4,S,Home Kitchen , Bedding,King,Duvet,,Washed,Zipper,Cover,$92

Washed Duvet Cover California King Set S 4 Weekly update High quality Closure Pieces Zipper

Washed Duvet Cover California King Set,4 Pieces Zipper Closure S


Washed Duvet Cover California King Set,4 Pieces Zipper Closure S

Product description

Size:California King Size

Please believe,our duvet cover set is your ideal companion for the best sleep.

? Relaxing Sleeping Environment:You will love it at first sight when you see the bedding set with the unique and texture design.The duvet cover set is made from quality twill plush fabric.So our bedding set is softness and comfortable to take care of your delicate sleep all night.

? Simple Personalized Design:Our exquisite 4 pieces bedding set comes with a modern and stylish design.Comforter cover set can be combined with a variety of home styles and update home style.For clean and replace easier from season to season,we adopt quilt set with hidden zipper.The simple hidden zipper closure will greatly keep the integrity of the design and keep your duvet or pillow clean.

? Easy to Clean and Care:Gentle machine wash or hand wash can be used for easy care and washing of bed sheet set.And residual stains and hair can be easily removed.After long time to wash and rub,our comforter cover set is not easy to fade and wrinkle.Besides,please tumble dry on low and do not bleach.

? Size Information:.
Twin size:1 Duvet Cover(68" x 86"),1 Bed Sheet(67" x 116"),2 pillowcases(20" x 30")
Full size:1 Duvet Cover(86" x 86"),1 Bed Sheet(80" x 116"),2 pillowcases(20" x 30")
Queen size:1 Duvet Cover(90" x 92"),1 Bed Sheet(90" x 116"),2 pillowcases(20" x 30")
King size:1 Duvet Cover(92" x 106"),1 Bed Sheet(92" x 116"),2 pillowcases(20" x 30")

?Customer Service:
If you have any questions about our duvet cover set,please contact us.We will provide you with the best solution.

We hope every customer have a comfortable sleeping vibe,get a sweet night's sleep and enjoy a lazy life for everyday.

Washed Duvet Cover California King Set,4 Pieces Zipper Closure S

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