Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Beveled Quantity limited Band Wedding Edge Fit Wedding,Fit,mm,Yellow,Band,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Comfort,,10k,Beveled,Edge,Solid,5,Gold,/Durani5623868.html,$224 $224 Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Fit Beveled Edge Wedding Band Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $224 Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Fit Beveled Edge Wedding Band Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Beveled Quantity limited Band Wedding Edge Fit Wedding,Fit,mm,Yellow,Band,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Comfort,,10k,Beveled,Edge,Solid,5,Gold,/Durani5623868.html,$224

Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Beveled Quantity limited Band Wedding Edge Fit Easy-to-use

Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Fit Beveled Edge Wedding Band


Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Fit Beveled Edge Wedding Band

Product description

10K Yellow gold, Beveled Edge, Comfort fit, Engravable, Machined, Polished, Solid

Other Specs:
Edge Type: Beveled
Engravable: Yes
Finish: Polished
Primary Material: Gold
Primary Material Purity: 10K
Ring Fit: Comfort
Ring Type: Wedding Bands
Sizeable: Yes
Stone 1: Quantity: 1
Stone 1: Setting: Ring Machine
Stone 1: Shape: TBD
Stone 1: Type (Other): Side Stone Mounting(s)

Appx Weight by Variation: (each piece will vary slightly)
4: 5.33 gr.
4.5: 5.45 gr.
5: 5.58 gr.
5.5: 5.70 gr.
6: 4.98 gr.
6.5: 5.94 gr.
7: 5.14 gr.
7.5: 5.20 gr.
8: 5.64 gr.
8.5: 5.46 gr.
9: 5.72 gr.
9.5: 5.85 gr.
10: 5.88 gr.
10.5: 5.60 gr.
11: 5.96 gr.
11.5: 7.15 gr.
12: 6.55 gr.
12.5: 6.48 gr.
13: 7.50 gr.
13.5: 6.68 gr.
14: 7.75 gr.

Solid 10k Yellow Gold 5 mm Comfort Fit Beveled Edge Wedding Band

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