$21 LKKPT Barber Hair Cutting Scissors 440c 6.0 inch Purple Cutting Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $21 LKKPT Barber Hair Cutting Scissors 440c 6.0 inch Purple Cutting Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /Durani5652468.html,440c,Cutting,Hair,Cutting,Scissors,inch,Barber,svensktralackering.se,Purple,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,LKKPT,6.0,$21 /Durani5652468.html,440c,Cutting,Hair,Cutting,Scissors,inch,Barber,svensktralackering.se,Purple,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,LKKPT,6.0,$21 LKKPT Barber Hair Cutting Scissors Purple 6.0 inch 440c Max 66% OFF LKKPT Barber Hair Cutting Scissors Purple 6.0 inch 440c Max 66% OFF

LKKPT Barber Hair Popular products Cutting Scissors Purple 6.0 inch 440c Max 66% OFF

LKKPT Barber Hair Cutting Scissors 440c 6.0 inch Purple Cutting


LKKPT Barber Hair Cutting Scissors 440c 6.0 inch Purple Cutting

Product description

Color:Cutting Scissor

Material: 6CR steel
Size: 6.0 inch
Hardness: 62HRC
Thinning rate: 20%-30%
one set include:
1 pc x thinning scissor
1 pc x cutting scissor

LKKPT Barber Hair Cutting Scissors 440c 6.0 inch Purple Cutting

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