Yoga Balance Ball 22" Fitness Strength Workout Exercise Spo Los Angeles Mall Workout,/Durani5929268.html,Yoga,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fitness,Balance,Ball,Strength,Exercise,22",$28,Yoga,,Spo $28 Yoga Balance Ball 22" Yoga Fitness Strength Exercise Workout Spo Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Workout,/Durani5929268.html,Yoga,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fitness,Balance,Ball,Strength,Exercise,22",$28,Yoga,,Spo Yoga Balance Ball 22" Fitness Strength Workout Exercise Spo Los Angeles Mall $28 Yoga Balance Ball 22" Yoga Fitness Strength Exercise Workout Spo Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Yoga Balance Max 72% OFF Ball 22

Yoga Balance Ball 22" Yoga Fitness Strength Exercise Workout Spo


Yoga Balance Ball 22" Yoga Fitness Strength Exercise Workout Spo

Product description


Do you want to use scientific methods to keep your body healthy? This balanced hemisphere yoga ball is for you. It is a tool used to coordinate sports and fitness ball sports. It is made of soft PVC material. When the body is in contact with it, the internal inflatable fitness club will evenly contact the body parts to produce a massage effect and promote blood circulation. It can not only help us effectively strengthen our health, but also has the effect of losing weight. Try it to make you more beautiful!


1. Made of soft PVC material, durable and non-toxic

2. Suitable for everyone to exercise

3. Have a strong interest in yoga ball sports

4. Help train the body's balance ability

5. Has a massage effect

6. Correct your posture

7. High quality and low price


1. Material: PVC

2. Color: blue

3. Dimensions: (22.05 x 8.66)" / (56 x 22)cm (height x diameter)

4. Weight: 8.82lb / 4kg

The package includes:

1 x balance hemisphere

2 x drawstring

1 x inflatable bucket

Yoga Balance Ball 22" Yoga Fitness Strength Exercise Workout Spo

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