/Durani5982368.html,$51,Sate,Queen,Sheets,Extra-Long,svensktralackering.se,TC,Cotton,Staple,600,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Set,Sheets,Bed /Durani5982368.html,$51,Sate,Queen,Sheets,Extra-Long,svensktralackering.se,TC,Cotton,Staple,600,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Set,Sheets,Bed Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Sate Bed Extra-Long Cotton Staple Ranking integrated 1st place $51 Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Cotton Bed Sheets Extra-Long Staple Sate Home Kitchen Bedding $51 Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Cotton Bed Sheets Extra-Long Staple Sate Home Kitchen Bedding Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Sate Bed Extra-Long Cotton Staple Ranking integrated 1st place

Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Sate Bed Extra-Long Cotton Staple Ranking integrated 1st place Latest item

Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Cotton Bed Sheets Extra-Long Staple Sate


Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Cotton Bed Sheets Extra-Long Staple Sate

Product Description

Adriana Tivoli

Superior Quality Cotton Sheets

Our High Quality 600 Thread Count Sheet Sets are individually tailored to ensure maximum comfort, with its stylish hem amp; 5-star hotel quality.

The breathable linen Sheets are super soft and they get softer each time you wash them.

Sateen weave produces a smooth, even and glossy fabric surface which gives our sheets adequate amount of shine and Luxurious look.

  • Weave: Sateen
  • Thread count: 600
  • Material: Extra Long Staple Cotton
  • Care instructions: Machine Washable
  • Sizes Available: Twin | Twin XL | Full | King | Queen | Cal King | FLEX TOP Eastern King | SPC | KPC
  • Colors Available: White | Salmon | Ecru | Green
  • Set includes: 3 Piece Set (1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet and 1 Pillowcase) and 4 Piece Set ( 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillowcases).

Queen Sheets Set 600 TC Cotton Bed Sheets Extra-Long Staple Sate

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