7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian She Cotton half - Includes Set 7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian She Cotton half - Includes Set Set,svensktralackering.se,Cotton,Thread,Home Kitchen , Bedding,1000,Includes,Italian,She,Count,$98,-,/Durani5989968.html,7PC,Egyptian $98 7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Set - Includes She Home Kitchen Bedding Set,svensktralackering.se,Cotton,Thread,Home Kitchen , Bedding,1000,Includes,Italian,She,Count,$98,-,/Durani5989968.html,7PC,Egyptian $98 7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Set - Includes She Home Kitchen Bedding

7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian She Cotton Minneapolis Mall half - Includes Set

7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Set - Includes She


7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Set - Includes She

Product description

This is a EGYPTIAN COTTON FACTORY OUTLET STORE brand product. We bring the beauty and style of generations of Italian craftsmanship directly to your home. This luxury Italian Bedding set is designed for the Rich amp; the Famous. The set is constructed of the finest Egyptian combed cotton woven into fabrics by Italy's premier mills. These lovely linens are done with impeccable quality and durability. This Luxury 7-Piece Luxury Bedding Set consists of the following packaged items: 1 Duvet Cover , 2 Shams (To match your Duvet cover selection) , 1 Matching Fitted Sheet (Egyptian Cotton, Deep Pocket) , 1 Matching Flat Sheet ( Egyptian Cotton) , 2 Matching Pillow Cases. Wrap yourself in these 100% Egyptian Cotton Superior bed sheets that are truly worthy of a classy elegant suite, and are found in world class hotels. These fine Luxury Bed Linens are crafted from Long Staple Giza Cotton grown in the lush Nile River Valley since the time of the Pharaohs. Comfort, quality and opulence set our Luxury Bedding in a class above the rest. Elegant yet durable, their softness is enhanced with each washing. You will relax and enjoy the rich, soft and luxurious feeling of cotton sheets. Washing Instructions: Machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Warranty only when purchased from EGYPTIAN COTTON FACTORY OUTLET STORE brand Reseller.

7PC Italian 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Set - Includes She

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