$88 LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tiers Storage Shelves and Boo Home Kitchen Furniture $88 LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tiers Storage Shelves and Boo Home Kitchen Furniture LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Columbus Mall Tiers Shelves Boo Storage and Storage,Tower,Boo,Computer,LUMISOL,svensktralackering.se,4,Home Kitchen , Furniture,and,with,Tiers,/Durani6015768.html,Shelves,$88,Desk LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Columbus Mall Tiers Shelves Boo Storage and Storage,Tower,Boo,Computer,LUMISOL,svensktralackering.se,4,Home Kitchen , Furniture,and,with,Tiers,/Durani6015768.html,Shelves,$88,Desk

LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Columbus Mall Tiers Shelves Boo Storage and Ranking TOP16

LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tiers Storage Shelves and Boo


LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tiers Storage Shelves and Boo

Product description


Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tiers Storage Shelves and Bookshelf

Color: Brown

Product Size: 59""L x 23.6""W x 48.6""H
Packaging Size: 51.18""L x 25.98""W x 5.91""H

Gross Weight: 59.52
Net Weight: 55.12
Material Type
Desktop: MDF
Desk frame: Solid Steel frame

Capacity: 250LBS
Leg pad: Adjustable
Anti-wobble pads: Yes
Assembly: Assemble is required
Using Area: Home, office and all the places you need
Warranty: 6 months

LUMISOL Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tiers Storage Shelves and Boo

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