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WRIXFA Duvet Cover Forest Night View California OFFer 104

WRIXFA Duvet Cover Forest Night View California King (104"x98")


WRIXFA Duvet Cover Forest Night View California King (104"x98")

Product description

Size:California King (104"x98") + 2x20"x36"

Fabric: Our bedding sets are made from high quality fabric with exquisite patterns, will create a serene sleeping experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

We pay attention to all processes, environmental dye, making this duvet cover set bedspread set ultra soft, breathable, skin-friendly.

Duvet Cover Set included:

1 x Duvet cover 68''x90'' + 2 x Pillowcases 20"x26"

1 x Duvet cover 90"x90" + 2 x Pillowcases 20"x26"

1 x Duvet cover 104"x90" + 2 x Pillowcases 20"x36"

1 x Duvet cover 104"x98" + 2 x Pillowcases 20"x36"

Suitable Season: All the Seasons

Filling: No

Washing Instructions:

Wash Method: Machine Washable amp; Hand Wash

Use neutral detergent

Don't use bleaching detergent

Wash in water below 30¡ãC

Natural dry and ironing allowed


Due to differences in monitor settings, there may be a slight variation in color on screen,versus the actual material.

WRIXFA Duvet Cover Forest Night View California King (104"x98")

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