$28 BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Holder Rack Expandable Storage Drain Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Sales of SALE items from new works Holder Drain Storage Expandable Rack BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Sales of SALE items from new works Holder Drain Storage Expandable Rack $28 BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Holder Rack Expandable Storage Drain Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining /anthropomorphitism5503795.html,Sink,Drain,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Telescopic,Storage,Holder,BERTY·PUYI,Rack,$28,Expandable /anthropomorphitism5503795.html,Sink,Drain,svensktralackering.se,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Telescopic,Storage,Holder,BERTY·PUYI,Rack,$28,Expandable

BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Sales Popular standard of SALE items from new works Holder Drain Storage Expandable Rack

BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Holder Rack Expandable Storage Drain


BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Holder Rack Expandable Storage Drain

Product description



Product size: 27cm x8.5cmx50cm

Features:Extensible Design:It can meet different needs, adapt to

different sink sizes, freely adjust the length, can be a large capacity storage.

Package Included:

1x Telescopic sink rack


Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect

Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement

BERTY·PUYI Telescopic Sink Holder Rack Expandable Storage Drain

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