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ASDQWER Limited Special Price Camouflage Net Woodland Cheap sale Ghillie Blinds Camo

ASDQWER Camouflage Net,Woodland Blinds,Ghillie Net,Woodland Camo


ASDQWER Camouflage Net,Woodland Blinds,Ghillie Net,Woodland Camo

Product description


Product description
Welcome to our shop! Hope you have a very pleasant shopping!

As a sunscreen that shields the structure and allows ventilation, it can simulate the natural shadows of trees and is very helpful for heatstroke prevention and sun protection. In addition, camouflage net adds green to your garden.

The package includes:1x camouflage network
Features::Environmentally friendly materials, no odor, waterproof, wear-resistant
Product name: camouflage net
Product material: 210D Oxford cloth
Product color: Army green camouflage
Aerial test: aerial test one-pass

We can provide different sizes of customization, if you want to adjust the size, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible.

☆Because it is processed by hand, the error of the finished product is usually 5-10 cm.
☆If you have any questions, please contact us in time.

ASDQWER Camouflage Net,Woodland Blinds,Ghillie Net,Woodland Camo

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