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BULBS Sale special price 2-pc R7S LED Max 86% OFF Dimmable 118mm Socke Warm White 3000K 50W

BULBS 2-pc R7S LED Dimmable 118mm 50W Warm White 3000K R7S Socke


BULBS 2-pc R7S LED Dimmable 118mm 50W Warm White 3000K R7S Socke

Product description

Precautions for dimmers.
1. Please note that it is not compatible with electronic dimmers.
2. Old-style dimmers designed for high-wattage halogen bulbs can cause unreliable lighting and damage to bulbs and lamps.

The following problems are caused by incompatible dimmers.
Flashing Noise Can't dimming

Why can't the LED be dimmed normally when replacing the halogen bulb?
Answer: Because the power of LED bulbs cannot reach the minimum output value of traditional dimmers.
Solution: Use a compatible dimmer Reserve some halogen lamps, which can increase the total power and light up the LED normally.

Note that the size is 55*60*118mm.
1. Before purchasing, please make sure the size is compatible with the device.
2. You may need to remove the glass cover or protective fence to install this R7S LED.
3. If you use it on the lawn/garden/terrace, please make sure to install the light in the protective cover.

CRIgt; 85RA
Wattage: 50w
Size: 118x55x60mm (4.64inx2.16in x2.36in)
Dimmable: dimmable
Voltage: AC110V-240V
Material: Aluminum + PC
Beam angle: 220 degrees
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Inner box: 120x60x65mm
EU energy efficiency label: A ++
Replacement: 500W halogen lamp replacement J type J118 length only 118 mm
Luminous Intensity: 500W halogen flood light replacement, up to 85% energy saving.
Material: Most safety aluminum material+pc for lamps, excellect heat sink.

Package included:
2 x 50W R7S LED lamp

BULBS 2-pc R7S LED Dimmable 118mm 50W Warm White 3000K R7S Socke

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