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John Limited Special Price Deere Original Equipment 5 ☆ popular #LVB25547 Kit Light

John Deere Original Equipment Light Kit #LVB25547


John Deere Original Equipment Light Kit #LVB25547

Product description

John Deere Auxiliary Rear Work Light KitThis kit provides light to the rear of the tractor for evening work.

For open-station tractors only, this kit contains individual light.

Allow one-half hour to install.

NOTE: Order two kits if dual rear work lights are desired. Mount one light on each rollover protective structure (ROPS) post.

NOTE: Both the rear and forward work lights are compatible together and with the light brush guard kits. The light kit contains a 2 to 4 pigtail that plugs into the main harness, as if only plugging one set of lights, providing two sets of plugs to use for forward and rear work lights. The forward light is installed on top of the brush guard, and the rear light is installed inside the ROPS using the bolt holding the light and brush guard on.

NOTE: For 102E3 and 1026R Tractors � kit interference during backhoe operations (mounted inside ROPS) � use LVB25546 forward light kit as an alternative.

John Deere Original Equipment Light Kit #LVB25547

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