Home Kitchen , Furniture,Laptop,Desk,Compact,svensktralackering.se,$708,Black,Writing,Reversible,Table,/assegai5511809.html,Gami,in,Study Laptop half Study Writing Table Desk Compact Black Reversible Gami in Laptop half Study Writing Table Desk Compact Black Reversible Gami in $708 Laptop Study Writing Table Desk in Black Reversible Compact Gami Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,Laptop,Desk,Compact,svensktralackering.se,$708,Black,Writing,Reversible,Table,/assegai5511809.html,Gami,in,Study $708 Laptop Study Writing Table Desk in Black Reversible Compact Gami Home Kitchen Furniture

Laptop half Don't miss the campaign Study Writing Table Desk Compact Black Reversible Gami in

Laptop Study Writing Table Desk in Black Reversible Compact Gami


Laptop Study Writing Table Desk in Black Reversible Compact Gami

Product description


Romance: The perfect combination of style and function, use this desk to change your office space. Its spacious workbench provides a lot of space for all office necessities. It has drawers, doors and open compartments, and can be converted into a tall cabinet. Available in black or white finishes to save space.

Product details: Rectangular convertible desk becomes a tall cabinet: Storage: 1 Drw, 1 open compartment and 1 door (inside: 1 shelf): Orientation: Freestanding (): Wooden structure and feet Legs:: Construction:: Wooden structure: casters w / Lock: Drawer: GLIDE center metal (3/4 extension), excluding DOVETAIL, excluding safety gear, manual closing, hardware: knob handle

Colour: Black

Material: veneer, MDF

Storage: Storage: 1 drawer, open compartment and 1 door with shelf, inside

Storage and gap size: -NW

CTN (LBS): 83

Product size: 48" x 20" x 30" H, or: 17" x 20" x 41" H

Estimated weight capacity (Lbs): 90Lbs

Including: table (convertible) * 1

The package includes:

1 * desk

Laptop Study Writing Table Desk in Black Reversible Compact Gami

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