Blue store And Red 24PCS Sound-absorbing Fire Cotton Moisture-proof P $182 Blue And Red 24PCS Sound-absorbing Cotton, Moisture-proof Fire P Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment Blue store And Red 24PCS Sound-absorbing Fire Cotton Moisture-proof P $182 Blue And Red 24PCS Sound-absorbing Cotton, Moisture-proof Fire P Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment 24PCS,P,$182,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,And,Moisture-proof,Sound-absorbing,Cotton,,Blue,Fire,Red,,/assegai5639709.html 24PCS,P,$182,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,And,Moisture-proof,Sound-absorbing,Cotton,,Blue,Fire,Red,,/assegai5639709.html

Blue store And Red Ranking TOP20 24PCS Sound-absorbing Fire Cotton Moisture-proof P

Blue And Red 24PCS Sound-absorbing Cotton, Moisture-proof Fire P


Blue And Red 24PCS Sound-absorbing Cotton, Moisture-proof Fire P

Product description

Color:24 Pcs

Widely used-Soundproofing foam squares are a low-cost solution for better noise reduction in the home or studio.
Product Name: Indoor Acoustic Panels
Color: Blue + Red
Size: 50*50*5CM
Quantity: 24
Area: 6 square meters
Features: high resilience, flame retardant, safe to use, convenient and quick to install, sound absorption and noise reduction, beautiful and durable;
Tip: This baffle has adhesive, easy to install and durable, it is suitable for all kinds of places.
Eliminate noise interference: reduce ambient noise and, in many cases, create more controlled vocal or instrumental recordings
Suitable for on-site processing in studios or offices - for studios, control rooms, office studios, home entertainment theatres, home offices.
★★ Tip: Due to the slightly different color between the shooting angle and the light, slight errors may occur due to different measuring tools. Please refer to the actual product;
★★ Tip: Since we use international logistics, we usually need to ship within 14 to 25 days. If you are not arriving within 30 days, please contact us in writing.
★★ Recommendation: Our store has a variety of styles and materials. If you are interested, we hope that you can browse and purchase in our store;
Used in professional studios, practice rooms, concert halls, podcasts, churches, home cinemas, vocal studios, home studios, offices, slums, kennels, sundries, etc.

Blue And Red 24PCS Sound-absorbing Cotton, Moisture-proof Fire P

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