Ferris Wheel Max 59% OFF Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Artist L Professionally,Ferris,Wheel,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,by,Seattle,Art,svensktralackering.se,Artist,/basitemporal5503673.html,Framed,$42,L,Print $42 Ferris Wheel Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Artist L Home Kitchen Wall Art Professionally,Ferris,Wheel,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,by,Seattle,Art,svensktralackering.se,Artist,/basitemporal5503673.html,Framed,$42,L,Print $42 Ferris Wheel Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Artist L Home Kitchen Wall Art Ferris Wheel Max 59% OFF Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Artist L

Ferris Wheel Max 59% OFF Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Max 66% OFF Artist L

Ferris Wheel Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Artist L


Ferris Wheel Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Artist L

Product description

Size:9"x12" Print / 11"x14" with Frame

For Lisa Sofia Robinson, the artistic endeavor has long been about pushing boundaries. Lisa's grand uncle was Maxfield Parrish who, in his own right, broke the boundaries of traditional artists. Lisa embraces this freedom of nonconformity and uses bold colors, sharp lines, and lush paint strokes. Lisa worked as both a professional photographer and oil painter. However, she found too many limitations with the mediums: photos failed to adequately capture the true color and energy, while oil painting was difficult to pivot and iterate during the creation process. Thus, she decided to combine the two, using a digital multi-media approach to combine the energy, color, texture, and nuance of line, which creates her vision of the authentic nature of a subject. This professionally framed giclee art print is from an original work of art. All framed prints are professionally printed, mounted, framed, and finished in USA, Canada, or Australia. First, the art is printed on the highest-quality archival art paper using premium, long-lasting pigment-based art inks that generate intense, rich colors that are true to the artist's vision and original creation. Next, it is mounted and secured to prevent slipping, crumpling, or moving around. Then it is framed with a quality picture frame, expertly finished with art-quality clear acrylic, and fitted with a protective backing that includes hanging wires for an easy to hang piece of art. The time, care, and professionalism put into producing your wall art will make it a tremendous addition to your kitchen, bedroom, family room, office, cabin, or even dorm room.

Ferris Wheel Seattle Professionally Framed Art Print by Artist L

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