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GFDFD Virginia Beach Mall 3.5Mm 5M Microphone Street Max 42% OFF Interview Camera SLR

GFDFD 3.5Mm 5M Microphone SLR Camera Interview Microphone Street


GFDFD 3.5Mm 5M Microphone SLR Camera Interview Microphone Street

Product description

1. The interview condenser microphone is specially designed for interviews, speeches, meetings and other occasions. It adopts array sound collection technology, high sensitivity and long sound pickup distance, and has super cardioid directivity to choose from.
2. Equipped with ligent strong reduction chip, built-in ligent noise reduction chip, pure sound pickup, filtering noisy environmental sound, making the sound clearer.
3. The larger the capsule, the better the sound. The larger the microphone capsule area and the higher the sensitivity. adopts a 12mm capsule, which has a large pickup area and a wider frequency response range, so that the treble is not noisy and the midrange is more stable. The bass is not stuffy.
4. Fully compatible and support a variety of devices, suitable for cameras, SLRs, recorders, mobile phones, tablets, etc. with 3.5mm interface.
5. High-fidelity pickup, pure sound, high-sensitivity mark, no matter the treble or bass can be restored more real.
Color: Black
Material: Metal
Package Contents:
1 x 3.5mm Microphone
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

GFDFD 3.5Mm 5M Microphone SLR Camera Interview Microphone Street

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