Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Student,/basitemporal5981973.html,Clarinet,Barre,with,Beginner,Flat,B,2,,Cecilio,Mendini,$70,by Mendini by Cecilio B Flat 2021 autumn and winter new Beginner 2 Barre Clarinet Student with Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Student,/basitemporal5981973.html,Clarinet,Barre,with,Beginner,Flat,B,2,,Cecilio,Mendini,$70,by $70 Mendini by Cecilio B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet with 2 Barre Musical Instruments Band Orchestra $70 Mendini by Cecilio B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet with 2 Barre Musical Instruments Band Orchestra Mendini by Cecilio B Flat 2021 autumn and winter new Beginner 2 Barre Clarinet Student with

2021 Mendini by Cecilio B Flat 2021 autumn and winter new Beginner 2 Barre Clarinet Student with

Mendini by Cecilio B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet with 2 Barre


Mendini by Cecilio B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet with 2 Barre

Product description


Quality Control: Mendini by Cecilio clarinets are the perfect instrument for the beginner student musicians. 1-Year Warranty: Each instrument is tested at Cecilio's factory overseas and are tested again in their local warehouse in Southern California.

Package Includes: Beginner Student Clarinet, 4C Mouthpiece with Ligature, Cap amp; a Box of 10 Reeds (Size 2.5"), 2 Barrels, Case, Foldable Clarinet Stand (conveniently stored inside the bell of the clarinet), Pocketbook, Cork Grease, Cleaning Cloth, and a Pair of Gloves

1-Year Warranty: Each instrument is tested at Cecilio's factory overseas and are tested again in their local warehouse in Southern California. Each instrument comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects and are serviced locally. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us by message or call our support team.

Mendini by Cecilio B Flat Beginner Student Clarinet with 2 Barre

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