Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable for Battery F24 P price $49 Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable Battery for Contixo F24, F24 P Toys Games Vehicles $49,Contixo,F24,,Li-po,Contixo,for,1-Pack,Rechargeable,Battery,,P,/basitemporal5982373.html,Toys Games , Vehicles,F24 $49 Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable Battery for Contixo F24, F24 P Toys Games Vehicles $49,Contixo,F24,,Li-po,Contixo,for,1-Pack,Rechargeable,Battery,,P,/basitemporal5982373.html,Toys Games , Vehicles,F24 Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable for Battery F24 P price

Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable for Battery Chicago Mall F24 P price

Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable Battery for Contixo F24, F24 P


Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable Battery for Contixo F24, F24 P

Product Description


Contixo F24 / F24 Pro / F35 / F35-Premium 2,500 mAh Rechargeable Battery

  • Lipo High performance: 11.1v 2500mAh /27.75Wh Lipo rechargeable battery
  • Lipo Battery charge rate voltage: 5V, 11.1V 3S 2500mAH 27.75Wh Lipo Battery fit for Contixo F24 / F24 Pro / F35 / F35-Premium Foldable GPS RC Quadcopter Drone
  • Battery weight: 193g / 6.8oz
  • Battery size: 4.06 x 1.83 x 1.89 inch (L x W x H)
  • Warning:
    • Never disassemble, puncture, shock, crash, short and or put the battery in the fire.
    • Never use if the battery in water
  • Package includes: Single F24 / F24 Pro / F35 / F35-Premium Battery

Contixo 1-Pack Li-po Rechargeable Battery for Contixo F24, F24 P

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