$178 Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light, Medium Size: 17.75"H x 11"W, w Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light Medium x w Size: Sales 11"W 17.75"H svensktralackering.se,11"W,,x,17.75"H,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/basitemporal5990173.html,Medium,Luxury,Outdoor,Rustic,Light,,w,Size:,$178,Wall Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light Medium x w Size: Sales 11"W 17.75"H svensktralackering.se,11"W,,x,17.75"H,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,/basitemporal5990173.html,Medium,Luxury,Outdoor,Rustic,Light,,w,Size:,$178,Wall $178 Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light, Medium Size: 17.75"H x 11"W, w Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light Medium x w Outlet SALE Size: Sales 11

Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light, Medium Size: 17.75"H x 11"W, w


Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light, Medium Size: 17.75"H x 11"W, w

Product description

Color:Black Wall Sconce, 17.5"h X 11"w

Medium in size and crafted in a Rustic style, its cylindrical design is both elegant and desirable making it a sought after fixture in the Urban Ambiance portfolio. Located on Australia's east coast, Sydney is influenced by the sea and blends a colonial history with spirited independence. The Sydney Collection shares this juxtaposition with a traditional look that embraces its own unique style.

Made from high-purity acrylic with our stately Black Silk finish. Superior workmanship backed by a 10 year electical components warranty and a 3 year finish warranty (original purchaser).

17.75" H, 11" W, 12" D (see image gallery for dimensional drawing)

Requires three 60 Watt B10 Candelabra Base bulbs (not included) producing warm ambient lighting

Outdoor (wet locations approved) and wall mounted (installation hardware and instructions included)

Luxury Rustic Outdoor Wall Light, Medium Size: 17.75"H x 11"W, w

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