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55% OFF PIVTXRQS shipfree Folding Knee orthosis Adju Orthopedic immobilizer

PIVTXRQS Folding Knee orthosis, Knee immobilizer Orthopedic Adju


PIVTXRQS Folding Knee orthosis, Knee immobilizer Orthopedic Adju

Product description


Product descriptions
Folding knee foot support strut, adjustable knee orthose immobilizer protection after surgery, knee orthose rail with full leg stabilizer

The plastic parts are made of high quality PE material, are non-toxic, odorless, high strength, well wear resistant and of excellent chemical stability. The surface of the plastic part is provided with bleed holes and enjoyable in summer.

Support frame made of high-strength aluminum alloy on indoor and outside, good support effect.

The knee joint angle is adjusted individually.

The liner is made of environmentally friendly and breathable composite material that overcomes the shortcomings of the non-breathable polymer material and to wear comfortably and is not sulk.

The feed composite material allows the hand washing and drying in the shadow.

Field of use:
- TibaLateau fracture
- Tibia and Fibulafraktur
- Crossband injury of the knee joint, meniscal injury
- Control of the common function
- Prevent knee contraction and correction
- Preoperative or postoperative fixation

Please allow a slight deviation of the measurement due to the manual measurement.

PIVTXRQS Folding Knee orthosis, Knee immobilizer Orthopedic Adju

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