$419 CNC 3020/3040 CNC Router Kit 3/4 Axis CNC Router Machine Acrylic Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $419 CNC 3020/3040 CNC Router Kit 3/4 Axis CNC Router Machine Acrylic Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools CNC 3020 3040 Router Kit Genuine Axis Machine Acrylic 4 3 CNC 3020 3040 Router Kit Genuine Axis Machine Acrylic 4 3 Kit,Axis,3020/3040,/carryall5383812.html,Router,$419,Router,Machine,svensktralackering.se,CNC,CNC,Acrylic,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,CNC,3/4 Kit,Axis,3020/3040,/carryall5383812.html,Router,$419,Router,Machine,svensktralackering.se,CNC,CNC,Acrylic,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,CNC,3/4

CNC 3020 3040 Router Kit Genuine Axis Machine Acrylic Super-cheap 4 3

CNC 3020/3040 CNC Router Kit 3/4 Axis CNC Router Machine Acrylic


CNC 3020/3040 CNC Router Kit 3/4 Axis CNC Router Machine Acrylic

Product description

Size:3 AXIS 400W USB Port

3040T triaxial engraving machine part parameters:
Effective working travel (XYZ): 300mmx400mmx60mm(11.8''x15.7''x2.4'')
Shape dimension: 610mmx480mmx400mm(24''x18.9''x15.7'')
Max.workpiece dimension: 70mm(2.8'')
Work table dimension: 320mmx530mm(12.6''x20.9'')
Frame materials: aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061
Leadscrew: 1204 double thread Trapezoidal screws

Driving units:
X axis---1204 trapezoidal screws
Y axis---1204 trapezoidal screws
Z axis---1204 trapezoidal screws

Sliding units:
X axis---Dia.16mm/0.6'' chrome plate shafts
Y axis----Dia.16mm/0.6'' chrome plate shafts
Z axis---Dia.12mm/0.5'' chrome plate shafts

Stepping motor type: 57 two-phase 1.8A
Spindle motor: 400W DC motor 500-8000rpm/min
Principal axis collet: ER11(3.175mm/0.125'')
Repeat accuracy: 0.05mm/0.002''
Spindle precision: radial beat acuities 0.03 mm/0.001''
Control unit: triaxial one-piece drive + ring variable power + PWM speed
Carving Instructions: G-code/.tab/.nc/.ncc/.txt
Communication interface: through USB Port connection with computer
environment windows XP/win7, 32bits system
Maximum Idle speed: 1500mm/min(59''/min)
Working Speed: 50-1500mm/min(2-59''/min) (different material with different speed settings)
Machine weight: 28kg/61.7lbs
Package size: 730mmx610mmx530mm(29''x24''x21'')
Package weight: 38.42kg/84.7lbs

Package contents:
1 × Engraving machine
1 × Control box
1 × Parallel cable
1 × Power cable
1 × Tool box and tools
3 × Axis motors

CNC 3020/3040 CNC Router Kit 3/4 Axis CNC Router Machine Acrylic

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