,12in,SIGOUYI,Wooden,Non-Ticking,/carryall5924712.html,Clock,Silent,Modern,Battery,$29,Wall,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Fixed price for sale SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Battery Clock Wall Silent $29 SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Wall Clock Silent Battery Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Fixed price for sale SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Battery Clock Wall Silent,12in,SIGOUYI,Wooden,Non-Ticking,/carryall5924712.html,Clock,Silent,Modern,Battery,$29,Wall,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products $29 SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Wall Clock Silent Battery Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Opening large release sale Fixed price for sale SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Battery Clock Wall Silent

SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Wall Clock Silent Battery


SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Wall Clock Silent Battery

Product description


This is a very attractive clock, with a clean, uncluttered design.

Non ticking. Quiet sweep second hand, no ticking to ensure a good sleeping or working environment.

Available in many different colors and patterns, the wall clock works well with a variety of interior aesthetics.

Size: 12 inch in diameter. Easy to hang. Easy to clean.


This stylish innovative wall clock is a very nice decoration, it will add charm to any room in your home, funny, fashion and unique. Vintage and classic looking wall clock, easy to see from a distance.


Perfect decorative wall clock for dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, study room, kitchen, office, clinic, library or conference room.

You will be sure to catch the attention of your visitors and get more compliments from this clock.

Save money----

A good battery can be used for more than one year, energy saved; Wide slot in back for easy hanging. Required 1 AA battery not included.

Please note---

-The clock is unframed, and there is no glass face as the cover.

-Because the batteries is limited by international transport, the battery is no contain, please pay attention.


We always doing our best to provide the best service and reliable products for every customer, Thank you very much! Have a good day!

If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us.

SIGOUYI 12in Modern Non-Ticking Wooden Wall Clock Silent Battery

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