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QAQA 4pcs DIY Support Legs Solid Houston Mall Table Feet Wood Coffee Sofa Bat 40% OFF Cheap Sale

QAQA 4pcs DIY Support Legs,Solid Wood Sofa Feet,Coffee Table,Bat


QAQA 4pcs DIY Support Legs,Solid Wood Sofa Feet,Coffee Table,Bat

Product description

Size:Vertical 5x8cm

The furniture sofa legs are durable and strong. Easy to clean and maintain, it is widely used in sofas, tables, cabinets, cabinets and other furniture. Including mounting screws.
Specification: 4
Material: Oak
Color: wood color
Product shape: square, round
Surface technology: sanding and rounding
Use range: furniture that does not move frequently
Due to measurement and shooting reasons, there are subtle differences in size and color. Looking forward to your understand.
We are responsible for the goods we send. If it has a problem.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will reply and resolve you as soon as possible.
Happy shopping!

QAQA 4pcs DIY Support Legs,Solid Wood Sofa Feet,Coffee Table,Bat

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