$230 Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Guitar - Moonlight Burst Musical Instruments Guitars Musical Instruments , Guitars,Acoustic,Concert,-,Guitar,svensktralackering.se,$230,Bodied,Moonlight,Burst,FA-235E,/chasmed5982259.html,Fender $230 Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Guitar - Moonlight Burst Musical Instruments Guitars Chicago Mall Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Burst - Moonlight Guitar Chicago Mall Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Burst - Moonlight Guitar Musical Instruments , Guitars,Acoustic,Concert,-,Guitar,svensktralackering.se,$230,Bodied,Moonlight,Burst,FA-235E,/chasmed5982259.html,Fender

Chicago Mall Philadelphia Mall Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Burst - Moonlight Guitar

Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Guitar - Moonlight Burst


Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Guitar - Moonlight Burst

From the manufacturer

Fender Alternative Series: Acoustics For All Styles

Fender FA-345CE

Fender Alternative Series

Striking, player-friendly instruments, Fender Alternative Series acoustic guitars are the perfect start for your creative experience. The lively sound and smooth feel are ideal for almost any player.

Fender FA-235E


Visually stunning, with a gorgeous flame maple top, the FA-235E offers legendary Fender sound without breaking the bank. Quality laminate construction with a modern Fender 3+3 headstock and Viking bridge create an easy-playing instrument that sounds great. Modern Fishman electronics allow you to take your sound to the stage with ease. Developing and experienced players alike will appreciate the mahogany neck that gives the guitar a lively tone while complementing the flame maple top.

Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Guitar - Moonlight Burst

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