,Food,Biodegradable,HONHAN,Disposable,Health Household , Household Supplies,/chattelhood5255822.html,$50,Paper,Containers,Porta,Fast HONHAN Today's only Biodegradable Disposable Paper Food Fast Porta Containers $50 HONHAN Biodegradable Disposable Paper Fast Food Containers,Porta Health Household Household Supplies HONHAN Today's only Biodegradable Disposable Paper Food Fast Porta Containers $50 HONHAN Biodegradable Disposable Paper Fast Food Containers,Porta Health Household Household Supplies,Food,Biodegradable,HONHAN,Disposable,Health Household , Household Supplies,/chattelhood5255822.html,$50,Paper,Containers,Porta,Fast

HONHAN Today's Safety and trust only Biodegradable Disposable Paper Food Fast Porta Containers

HONHAN Biodegradable Disposable Paper Fast Food Containers,Porta


HONHAN Biodegradable Disposable Paper Fast Food Containers,Porta

Product description

Color:1500ml White Kraft Paper Bowl + Plastic Lids

Honhan Disposable Natural Kraft Food Containers are made by high quality biodegradable kraft paper board with PE or PLA lining which is eco-friendly. 1. Great for for hot soups and pasta, cold and frozen foods including ice cream. Containers can be custom printed. 2. Environmentally amp; Recyclable amp; Eco-friendly amp; Durable amp; Unique material amp; Leak and Grease Resistant amp; Wide range sizes with vented paper lids. 3. Soups, Porridge, Ice Cream and other hot and cold snacks 4. 100% food grade materials and microwave safe. All paper products are made of environmentally friendly biodegradable paper as well. 5. HOT OR COLD: These paper cups are perfect for keeping hot or cold beverages stored while on the go. They can withstand temperature from freezing cold to hot 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, they are Microwave safe so you can pop your meal in the microwave and have a hot dinner waiting for you in minutes. 6. Suitable for holding homemade ice cream, sundaes, soups, chilli, macaroni, and other treats in any occasions such as birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, bachelorette parties, friends gatherings, holidays, and more!

HONHAN Biodegradable Disposable Paper Fast Food Containers,Porta

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