Bundle - 2 items. favorite Sandpaper 100 Grit 360 Sheets 150 360,150,items.,2,/chattelhood5623922.html,|,Grit,|,-,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,$42,Sandpaper,100,Bundle,Grit,Sheets,|,svensktralackering.se Bundle - 2 items. favorite Sandpaper 100 Grit 360 Sheets 150 360,150,items.,2,/chattelhood5623922.html,|,Grit,|,-,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,$42,Sandpaper,100,Bundle,Grit,Sheets,|,svensktralackering.se $42 Bundle - 2 items. Sandpaper | 100 Sheets | Grit 150 | Grit 360 Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories $42 Bundle - 2 items. Sandpaper | 100 Sheets | Grit 150 | Grit 360 Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories

Bundle - 2 items. favorite Sandpaper 100 excellence Grit 360 Sheets 150

Bundle - 2 items. Sandpaper | 100 Sheets | Grit 150 | Grit 360


Bundle - 2 items. Sandpaper | 100 Sheets | Grit 150 | Grit 360

Product description

Silicon Carbide - very hard and sharp abrasive. removes material more quickly
C-weight paper backing - Good balance between flexibility and strength
Waterproof - Resin over resin bond. Use wet or dry
Sheets dimensions: 9" x 11" (230mm x 280mm)

Excellent choice for sanding wet metal. ( I. e. Automotive body repair)

Perfect on use for: Paint removal, plastic and fibreglass. Stainless, ceramic. Sanding between coats when finishing. Drywall to smooth joints. Hardwood polishing, finishing furniture, floor And many other application when you want to get the job done quickly.

eQualle is proud of its history as an integrated manufacturer of quality abrasives. A name you can trust.


Bundle - 2 items. Sandpaper | 100 Sheets | Grit 150 | Grit 360

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