Jobber Surprise price Drill 12.50mm pack HSS -6 $106,Drill,12.50mm,HSS,,-6,Jobber,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,pack,/chattelhood5639922.html $106 Jobber Drill,12.50mm,HSS -6 pack Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories Jobber Surprise price Drill 12.50mm pack HSS -6 $106 Jobber Drill,12.50mm,HSS -6 pack Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories $106,Drill,12.50mm,HSS,,-6,Jobber,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,pack,/chattelhood5639922.html

Jobber Surprise price Drill SALENEW very popular! 12.50mm pack HSS -6

Jobber Drill,12.50mm,HSS -6 pack


Jobber Drill,12.50mm,HSS -6 pack

Product description

Jobber Length Drill Bit, Drill Bit Size 12.50mm, Drill Bit Point Angle 135 Degrees , High Speed Steel, TiN, Decimal Equivalent 0.4921, Metric, Drill Bit Point Type Split Point, Non-Coolant Through

Jobber Drill,12.50mm,HSS -6 pack

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