Removal,$43,1.0mm,3,Health Household , Health Care,/chattelhood5652622.html,,Tool,Portable,720p,Wax,Ear,HD,Inspection,Camera, Ear Wax Removal Max 65% OFF Tool Portable 1.0mm 720p HD 3 Inspection Camera Removal,$43,1.0mm,3,Health Household , Health Care,/chattelhood5652622.html,,Tool,Portable,720p,Wax,Ear,HD,Inspection,Camera, $43 Ear Wax Removal Tool,Portable 1.0mm Inspection Camera, 720p HD 3 Health Household Health Care $43 Ear Wax Removal Tool,Portable 1.0mm Inspection Camera, 720p HD 3 Health Household Health Care Ear Wax Removal Max 65% OFF Tool Portable 1.0mm 720p HD 3 Inspection Camera

Ear Wax Removal Max 65% OFF Tool Portable latest 1.0mm 720p HD 3 Inspection Camera

Ear Wax Removal Tool,Portable 1.0mm Inspection Camera, 720p HD 3


Ear Wax Removal Tool,Portable 1.0mm Inspection Camera, 720p HD 3

Product description


Color: blue
Material: plastic, metal
Lens: 3.9mm
Best Focal Distance: 1.4 - 2cm
Resolution: 1.0MP
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Interface: USB 2.0 amp; Micro USB amp; USB Type-C
Operation System: Android 4.2 or above, Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSX 10.6 or later
Software Functions: Taking photos, recording videos, measurement, text input
Package inluded:
1 x Ear Cleaning Endoscope
1x set Ear Cleaning tools (as a gift )
1 x English Manual
Service Guarantee:
If you are not satisfied with the product or have any questions, please feel free let us know. We are willing to listen to the opinions of every customer and bring them a quality shopping experience.

Ear Wax Removal Tool,Portable 1.0mm Inspection Camera, 720p HD 3

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